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I'm a 20 something Software engineer who's been playing with computers for as long as I can remember. I work for @Co-op Digital.

I graduated with a BSc in Web Development from MMU in 2015.

I started off in tech doing design and Front-end but these days I'm writing mostly Python and Node. At work, I tend to look after our Django based products but I'm increasingly finding myself working with APIs and the serverless paradigm. I also look after our Software Engineering apprentices.

Outside of work I'm very much a lifelong learner and always have a side project on the go. At the moment, I'm into APIs and flexing my front-end chops playing with React/NextJS - hence me building this blogging system from scratch for no apparent reason. I also love Raspberry Pi and random Make projects.

I help to run Open which is an accessibility meetup that's on hiatus right now, I want to get this going again soon. I'm also getting into the concept of "citizen science". I want to help enable others to use technology to benefit their communities. For example, hacking together a pollution monitor and sharing that data.

When I'm not writing code and tinkering, I love cycling, the great outdoors and video games.

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