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I’m frustrated

It's Saturday and I've been reflecting on the past week: I'm frustrated. But not how you'd think.

I’ve been seconded into another team for the foreseeable to help tackle a short deadline.‬

‪It’s only been a week but it’s been a joy. We’ve been told “anything to get it done” and that’s manifested itself into us (the engineering team) mobbing and, well, getting stuff done. If we need to know somet...

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Getting started in Citizen Science: monitoring pollution

I've always thought Earth will fall in my lifetime - is that weird?

The rise of Extinction Rebellion & coverage of recent environmental catastrophes has only fuelled this feeling. So, obv, I decided to attach a particulate sensor to the side of my flat so I could at least angrily Tweet the data from it to make myself feel better.

I won't go into actually building the the thing in this post be...

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Building a Mechanical Keyboard part 1: requirements

I just really love mechanical keyboards.

"Cowboys in the western United States leave their horses when they die. But never leave their saddles, regardless of how long they need to walk in the desert. Saddles are interfaces that are deeply adapted to our bodies whereas horses are consumable items. It should not be forgotten that computers are consumables nowadays, b...

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